Insurance is optional and extra. We pack very carefully, but we cannot be responsible for uninsured packages that are lost or damaged by the Post Office. Domestic insurance is $1.35 up to $50, $2.40 for $50.01 to $100; add $1.05 for each $100 (or fraction there of) after $100.00. I recommend insurance for expensive purchases and for those who will be upset if the post office loses a package.
Non-US insurance: Insurance on shipping to Canada is pretty much the same cost as within the US. Insurance to other countries typically runs $1.85 for values up to $50, $2.60 for insurance up to $100; after that add $1 for each additional $100 (or fraction) of coverage.

Insurance is not available to all locations worldwide, and there are upper limits on what the maximum amount that can be insured in a single shipment; cost may vary by country. I do not mark up insurance; you will pay only what we do.
For US shipments, delivery confirmation is included in the shipping costs quoted (except APO- type addresses). The US post office does a pretty good job of delivering the mail. Foreign buyers probably have a better idea than we do on the reliability of their local postal system. If in doubt, please pay for insurance.