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We have spent quite a few years carting books around to bookstore signings; science fiction, fantasy, and mystery conventions; and book festivals as well as to the homes of authors, both in the United States and abroad, to get books autographed. Besides authors, we have sought out illustrators [both cover and interior]; mapmakers; introduction, foreword, and afterword writers; and, in a few cases, the person to whom a particular book is dedicated.

We have also purchased books that were already signed along with autographed bookplates and correspondence.

All of these items are now going up for sale as fast as we can create the eBay listings; we still have many more books to put up for sale. We’re currently concentrating on hardback and trade paperback books of which we probably have only half listed. We haven’t even begun to list our autographed mass market paperbacks; most of these are first edition paperback originals.

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If you don’t see what you are looking for online, please use the contact page to send your inquiry regarding a particular title or author. We may have what you want in our inventory of more than ten thousand books.