Easton Press

People for whom the literary experience is enhanced by beholding,  touching, and smelling magnificently-crafted masterpieces cherish books published by Easton Press. Distinctive features of Easton Press Books include:

  • Genuine, premium leather binding
  • Hubbed spines
  • 22-kt gold cover and spine lettering and decoration
  • Gilded page edges
  • Satin ribbon page marker sewn in
  • Endsheets of moiré fabric on many books
  • High quality, acid-neutral paper
  • Thread-sewn pages for durability

Hubbed spine

Gilded page edges

“First edition” on spine

22-kt gold cover design

“First edition” on title page

Moiré fabric

Most Easton Press Books are reprint editions of classics and other pieces of great literature. In addition, Easton Press produces several series of first editions and an occasional first-edition volume; these are clearly identified as first editions typically on the spine, the title page, and the signature page. The first-edition books are printed only once by Easton Press whereas the reprint editions are produced by Easton Press at will. Easton Press does not add any information to the reprint editions that would identify how many times a particular book had been printed. Easton Press copyright dates are changed only if and when the content of the book changes (e.g., a new introduction). Many eBay sellers incorrectly list reprint editions as first editions; some try to justify this practice by claiming that the book is a first Easton Press edition, something that cannot be reliably determined and, even if true, would make it only a first printing by Easton Press rather than a first edition of the particular work.

Collector’s Notes

Easton Press collector’s note and unused publisher-supplied bookplate

Easton Press collector’s note and certificate of authenticity for signature