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We have spent quite a few years carting books around to bookstore signings, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery conventions, and book festivals as well as to the homes of authors, both in the United States and abroad, to get books autographed. Besides authors, we have sought…

Identifying Authentic First Editions

On this page we seek to share some insight pertaining to the recognition of first editions. While we don’t claim that this information is definitive–an entire book could be written on the topic–we do hope that our experience will be helpful to you. First, we would like to point…

Shipping Internationally

We ship worldwide. Very rarely is a shipment lost. Out of more than a few thousand shipments to countries in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Oceania, since 2002, five have been reported as lost. In fact, there have been no lost packages since 2010….

Red Dragon Books is an online bookstore specializing in science fiction and fantasy. We have been selling and shipping books all over the world since 2002, at first from San Francisco and, since 2005, from San Luis Obispo on California’s central coast.

Only a small percentage of our ten-thousand-book collection is listed online. About eighty percent of our inventory feature at least one autograph, and many have more than one signature.

We invite you to peruse our website for information on collectible books and our shipping practices. Inquiries are always welcome.